Cookery recipes explore new ideas, from elecampane marmalade (which may help winter coughs), a very tasty and different preserve, to a way of making rose petal jelly with the full, rich flavour in winter. (The rose petal sugar must be made the summer before).

Rose Petal Jelly   
The combination of rose water and heavily fragranced sugar makes this a heavenly jelly. Tiny fragments of rose petals will hang in the jelly, colouring it slightly, but you may feel the addition of food colouring will give a necessary finishing touch.

425ml rose water (if bought from a dispensary, tell them it is for cookery).
Juice of half a lemon 100ml liquid pectin
225g rose sugar few drops food colouring
675g granulated sugar.

Pour the rose water into an enamel or preserving pan. Add the lemon juice. If the rose sugar is in quite large granules, grind this first. Add both sugars slowly over a low heat, stirring well. Once the sugar has dissolved bring to the boil and stir in the liquid pectin. Boil rapidly for two minutes. Remove from the heat and skim if. necessary. Add a few drops of food colouring to bring the pink jelly to a deep red if liked. It is safer to drip the colouring onto a spoon first to avoid adding too much. Prepare 4 jars and pour the cooled jelly into the warm jars. Seal and label …"

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