Fragrance can enhance the quality of our homes and lives. This recipe, taken from Herbwise Naturally, is a real favourite.

Sweet Citrus Serene Pot-Pourri

This blend, while it is relaxing, also has the refreshing qualities of the citrus herbs...

8 tablespoons lemon verbena
4 tablespoons bergamot leaves and flowers
2 heaped tablespoons crumbled lemon balm
2 tablespoons pineapplemint
half level tablespoon orris root
3 drops essential oil of bergamot

Mix the dried herbs, adding the fixative root and drops of essential oil last. Put the mixture into a screwtop jar and place this in the airing cupboard for six weeks, shaking it as you go to the cupboard. Then fill a suitable bowl or jar with a lid, with the pot-pourri. To extend the life of the blend keep the lid on when not using the room.Pot-pourri is best appreciated when opened for only 1 hour each day.


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