Herb flavourings

Among the cookery information on herbal sweeteners, salt substitutes, colourings and flavourings, tables in Herbwise Naturally give guidance on particular partnerships of herbs with vegetables and fruits.


Peas - mint, basil, fennel, salad burnet
Potatoes - applemint, dill, fennel, chives, parsley, rosemary
Carrots - dill, thyme, lovage, parsley, fennel, mint
Cabbage - caraway, dill sage
Beans - savory, parsley, fennel, lovage
Onion - sage, thyme, garlic, lovage
Mushrooms - hyssop, salad burnet, thyme, garlic
Tomatoes - chives, basil, pot marigold, oregano, bay, coriander


Apricot - hyssop, sweet cicely, dill, caraway and sunflower seeds
Apple - sweet cicely, rosemary, gingermint, scented geraniums, hyssop, lemon verbena, elderberry, caraway and coriander seeds
Banana - gingermint, clove pinks, sweet cicely, lemon geranium
Gooseberries - elderflower, sweet cicely
Melon - rosemary, gingermint, rose, rose geranium
Oranges - lavender, lemon geranium, lemon balm, gingermint
Peaches - rose geranium, clove pinks, lemon thyme
Pears - rosemary, peppermint, gingermint, elderberry
Pineapple - elderflower, lemon geranium, gingermint, pineapplemint
Plums - gingermint, hyssop, sweet cicely
Rhubarb - sweet cicely, rosemary, angelica


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