Harvesting herbs

This is a quick reference to some of the herbs that can be harvested in May-June, and the uses to which they can be put.

Agrimony Leaves for wine, or leaf printing. Gather flowering tops for a fawn dye or to dry for pot-pourri,
Angelica Fresh leaves and stems with fish or in rhubarb jam. Candy stems. Fresh leaves for green dye, dried for pot-pourri.
Avens Press flowers, sliced in half.
Betony Dry flowers for flowercrafts. Use leaves for leaf prints.
Calendula Flowers for petal sugar. Ointment, Dry for pot-pourri.
Catmint Dry flowering tops for flowercrafts or to fill cat's toys.
Chickweed      Fresh leaves for ointment.
Comfrey Fresh leaves as a dye, for ointment or pressing. Make liquid fertilizer and use to protect young plants from snails and slugs. Dry for winter use.
Daffodil Harvest leaves for papermaking or 'rushwork'.
Elder Fresh flowers for winemaking, cordial, vinegar, syrup or to cook with gooseberries. Freeze for cookery. Dry for tea and inhalations. Ointment from flowers or leaves. Poor quality flowers or leaves as dye. Flowers as aphid deterrent.
Fennel Lleaves fresh for salads, fish and vinegar. Also dye. Dry for pot-pourri and confetti.


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