Astrology garden

The astrology garden runs through the book, with signs of the zodiac partnered with the appropriate sections. This garden has been planted according to information in Culpeper's Herbal, and quotes from the author's 1815 edition accompany the lists of plants and their uses. Cultivation of 19 herbs set in the astrology garden is given in detail. Others appear in the earlier books.

Extract from July - August.... The Astrology Garden:
With the next sign, Leo, July 21st - August 21st we come into the realms of the Sun. With the symbol of the lion and the position of the Sun in the universe, it is not surprising that it rules the heart. We should add to this the right eye of a man and the left eye of a woman.

Cold Saturn is in opposition to the Sun's heat. Culpeper recommends Bay to work against Saturn's influence, which he believed produced rheumatic distillations from the brain to the eyes. Bay remains an important herb and decorative evergreen in every kitchen garden.

Angelica towers above the young bay in the astrology bed, listed in Culpeper's Herbal as "In all epidemical diseases caused by Saturn, that is as good a preservative as grows." He also directs the juice or water to be dropped into the eyes for dimness of sight. A painful remedy I suspect, not to be tried. Under this herb he gives details of the best astrological aspects for gathering angelica, herb of the Sun. The warming and comforting qualities of angelica are still used in herbal medicine. In the kitchen it is invaluable …


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