Lemonade Tree: a sample page

Three hedgehogs, Holly, Teazle and Sloe search for lemonade on a hot afternoon. On their quest they meet the Prickle twins …

"Do you know about lemonade, James?" asked Holly. "I'm sure I can smell some quite near, but my nose gets confused when it's hot."

With Kiera the rabbit, Ross the thrush and Dart the kingfisher, they ask Sage the toad.

"There is only one place to find bubbly lemonade and lots of it," he said croakily. "In the fairy godmother's garden."

At last they find it.

"They walked round the next bush and there it was. The most beautiful tree they had ever seen. Amongst the green leaves hung delicious sweets...........From the very top of the tree came a fountain of lemonade which was caught, swirling, and bubbling, in the large bowls below …"

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