Herbwise Naturally 

Price 10.95    206 pages (26 in colour)     ISBN 0 9522336 4 9 First Published 1993 New Edition 2000
Planning a herb garden
Herb heights
Herbs for hedges
Herbs for sun or shade
Herbs to attract useful insects
Making a knot garden
Good companions in the garden
Herb cultivation
A-Z of 55 herbs
Herbs in cookery
In the past
Flavouring guide
Salt and pepper alternatives
Adding vitamins and minerals
Herbal sweeteners
Flowers in cookery
A touch of lemon
Index and Bibliography
Compassionate herbs for stress
Thoughts on stress
The serenity garden
Eating for serenity
Herb teas for inner quiet
Herbal baths to calm and refresh
Herb pillows, sachets and pot-pourri
Fragrance and flowers
Pot-pourri ingredients
Preparing the ingredients
Making pot-pourri
Medicinal herbs
Historical perspective
Herbal medicine
Guide to medicinal preparations
Herbs to grow for use at home
Medicinal herbs of interest
Cautions, irritants and poisons 

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