Herbcraft Naturally

Price 10.95    231 pages (32 in colour)>    ISBN 0 9522336 1 4    Published 1994
Planning a herb garden
Herb garden in autumn
Harvesting roots
Herb cultivation
Wine and liqueur garden
Craft garden
Treasure garden
Cultivation of 58 herbs
Herbs in wine-making
Summary of herb ingredients
Herbs in liqueurs
Summary of herb ingredients
Basic method
Herbs in crafts
Making a tussie-mussie
Pressed flowers
Drying herbs
Lavender fans and favours
Miniature herb gardens
Herb stem baskets
Gathering the herbs
Preparing the base, rim and handles
A large flower basket
Round pot-pourri basket
Harveting natural materials
Basketry projects
Ivy and cane basket
Miniature basket
Posy basket
Rustic wool basket

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